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Finisar FTLF2318P1BNL SFP,Finisar 1.25 Gbps Smart SFP 1310nm Transceiver

Finisar FTLF2318P1BNL SFP

Buy good price,worldwide fast delivery and 100% compatible Finisar FTLF2318P1BNL SFP from the warehouse of the direct manufacturer, get Finisar FTLF2318P1BNL SFP from the optical fiber transceiver factory, saving the money in your pocket instead of buying from online store retailers. We make and store the Finisar FTLF2318P1BNL SFP compatible transceivers. We send the Finisar FTLF2318P1BNL SFP from our factory warehouse to worldwide customers by EXPRESS and we make sure the Finisar FTLF2318P1BNL SFP is fully compatible with your system.

Finisar FTLF2318P1BNL SFP Features
Up to 1.25Gbps Bi-directional Data links
Hot-pluggable SFP footprint
Built-in Digital Diagnostics Functions Supporting Local DDMI
Support Remote DDMI via Built-in Out-of-band, Non-intrusive Optical Communication Channel
Optical "Dying Gasp"
1.25Gb/s 1000Base-LX Ethernet
1.06Gbps Fiber Channel
1310nm FP laser transmitter
PIN photodiode receiver

Finisar FTLF2318P1BNL SFP Applications
Remote DDMI and Optical Link Management
Optical-layer Demarcation

Finisar FTLF2318P1BNL SFP Specifications
Form Factor:SFP
Distance:10 km
Protocol:Optical Gigabit Ethernet Compliant
Data Rate (max):1.25 Gb/s
Low and amp:Case Temperature(°C):-20°C
High and Case Temperature(°C):70°C
Voltage Supply:3.3
Connector:N/A is one of the leading optical transceiver supplier,we make compatible Finisar FTLF2318P1BNL SFP transceivers, you will find the cost-effective modules here and you will find our Finisar FTLF2318P1BNL SFP beyond your expectation, it is the one-stop source for optical fiber transceivers right here,welcome to contact us for your fiber optic transceiver requirement.

You are here Finisar FTLF2318P1BNL SFP,Finisar 1.25 Gbps Smart SFP 1310nm Transceiver

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